Assist David get to Exit International

It was terrific to greet David Goodall and Exit International nurse Carol O’Neil at Basel Airport yesterday. This has been a very long journey for them both and David is holding up remarkably well.

On both of their behalf, Exit International ,would like to thank you all for your generous support and good will.

In the coming days, David has 2 doctors appointments as the final steps in his process towards his final Exit appointment on Thursday morning.

He remains in remarkably good spirits and is very sanguine about his 104 year journey to this point.

David is a remarkable man; thoughtful, considered, strong in his opinions that deciding the time and place of this death is his fundamental human right.

This view is even more important when it comes to the fact that David is not sick. He is no one’s patient, never has been.

Rather David is part of a growing wave of older people who want control over their end.

This makes perfect sense to Exit International and is a stand point the organization has campaigned on for over 20 years.


A list of some of our Donors

  • Jeremiah H – $60
  • Anonymous¬† – $400
  • Klinston N – $110
  • Geremiah – $50
  • Leonard B -$200
  • Ignatius K – $75
  • Reagan l – $10
  • Anonymous – $150
  • Helen G – $30
  • Anonymous – $65
  • Melissa – $60
  • Ulrich K – $45

Exit sincerely thanks all at Life Circle/ Eternal Spirit for creating end of life choice for David.

We will post further updates in the coming days to keep you all informed of activities here in Basel.

Philip Nitschke
Exit International Founder & Director
Basel, 8 May 2018

Exit International

Exit International Nurse and David at Basel Aisport

Exit International

Exit International

Exit International

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