Death facts you didn’t know

What is Death?

What is death?

Death according to the English Dictionary , the action or fact of dying or being killed; the end of the life of a person or organism .

Biblical definition ; A situation where our bodies are returned to the initial state in which we were created . From soil we were made by the creator . We are returned to soil .  Returning to the original state in which we were created , body leaving the soul

What is death

What is death

Regardless of a person’s particular belief system, however, the fact remains that the end of life is also same as to die … or at least life as we know it. Dying, and the afterlife are all shrouded in deep mystery, cloaked in darkness and generally surrounded by fear and apprehension. The very idea of how to die strikes fear into many people’s hearts.



According to some beliefs , death is just a means for further life . In other words , minor or inferior organisms need to die in order for superior organisms to feed on them and continue life.  Like plants die and humans can feed on them . Also smaller animals die and humans feed on them so there is generally a belief that , there are superior organisms to humans that feed on humans after they die .



Suicide according to English dictionary definition refers to the process of intentionally terminating a persons own life . Various methods of suicide exist and also for various reasons .

Suicide also is defined as the act of intentionally ending one's own life. Before the Suicide Act 1961, it was a crime to commit suicide, and anyone who attempted and failed could be prosecuted and imprisoned, while the families of those who succeeded could also potentially be prosecuted.


Man dies and comes back to life .

According to Neiville, who died for 15 minutes and came back to life after a taking an excess of pain medications following his surgery explains how it felt like to be dead .

“I was in agonizing pain after surgery so I received loads of pain killers. The pain, coupled with an immense amount of pain killers, caused my pulse to drop to around 10bpm and my respiratory system shut down.”

On the experience of being dead, he chillingly wrote: “It was just black emptiness. No thoughts, no consciousness, nothing.

Neiville who was terminally finally died two months later after taking the " peaceful pill "   with assistance of Dr Hardy from Nembutal Meds , a physician who has recorded over hundreds of Physician Assisted Euthanasia in legal law systems , and also provided prescription and medications for a number of terminally ill patients .



Death is a "letting go" of life. It is a release. There may be pain associated with the cause of dying , depending upon the cause. But death itself is a painless letting go. At the time of death the body produces endorphins which actually produce a feeling of happiness, or even euphoria. It appears as though Nature (or God) created our bodies to end life as pain-free as possible.

As well methods exist to die without any pain like earlier explained above , but the peaceful pill , is so far the fastest and most painless means of dying . Getting the peaceful pill nowadays has become a real problem and only a few countries have this legal , and also finding legal Nembutal Vendors who are will to sell online is also a serious problem, so even transporting the pill has also been a serious issue .

Still many people who can afford this often go to Thailand to get these medications or some however contact their local physicians who can prescribe the medications for them .

What are your thoughts about Dying  and the best methods to die .

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  1. Thanks Dr Jesse , I got the medications here in Australia . Great works . We tested again at Dr Philip’s Laboratory and it passed the test . I am grateful

  2. I don’t actually do references, but here i must say after being ripped off a couple of times , i finally found you guys and to be honest , you are the best service i have ever used .

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