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‘They had a big kiss and passed away holding hands’: Loving couple, 91, die together in rare double euthanasia

Nic and Trees Elderhorst had been happily married for 65 years when they died on June 4 surrounded by their loved ones

An elderly couple died holding hands after their request to be euthanized together wasn’t granted for them both. They then decided to handle it themselves and started looking for all possibilities to exit or end together without pain. where to order Nembutal online (Peaceful ending medications) and how can I get nembutal were the most frequent questions they kept asking until they found their solution together..

Nic and Trees Elderhorst, both 91, had been happily married for 65 years when they died on June 4 at their home in the town of Didam, Netherlands, surrounded by their loved ones.

They both filed for euthanasia due to physical problems preventing them from enjoying life.

Nic suffered a stroke five years ago and his mobility had been greatly reduced ever since.

He suffered through a lot of pain and numerous hospital visits, with antibiotics alone keeping him alive.

Nic’s wife Trees’ health also slowly declined as the burden of taking care of her husband grew too heavy for her.

Her memory began to deteriorate, and only with the help of neighbors, friends and healthcare workers did the couple manage to keep going.

Both feared that if one of them were to die, the one left behind would end up alone in a nursing home.

After Nic’s stroke in 2012, the couple signed a special euthanasia will and studied, with the help of their children, the rules to end their lives.

The Netherlands introduced the euthanasia law 17 years ago, and since then more than 5,500 people have ended their lives, arguing they were suffering unbearably, their medical situation was hopeless and they were doing it of their own free will.

After a specialist diagnosed Trees with vascular dementia, a progressive and lethal form of dementia, the conditions to file a euthanasia request were met for both.

One of the couple’s daughters: “It soon became clear that it could not wait much longer.

“The geriatrician determined that our mother was still mentally competent and so her request was turned down.

“However, if our father were to die, she may become completely disorientated, ending up in a nursing home.

“Something which she desperately did not want. Dying together was their deepest wish.”

It took half a year to find out where to order nembutal online for the couple in what is described as “an intensive period” by the daughters of the couple.

“After my long 6 months search and ripped off 4 times , I decided not to go anymore with the internet, but my wife insisted we tried finding more safe options on getting Nembutal Online , then we finally found these legal nembutal vendors online , who then delivered our medications to us”

After both teams determined all euthanasia demands according to Dutch law were fulfilled, they met with the couple and their family to pick a date on which they wanted to die.

Nic and Trees Elder Couple Horst told all their friends about their decision and said they received a great deal of support.

They took time to say goodbye to everyone and made arrangements for their funeral.

how can I get nembutal

how can I get nembutal


One of their daughters said when the final day came, they said some final sweet words to each other before physician administered the peaceful pill which we had ordered online , and it took about 45 minutes before they died .

The daughter said: “They gave each other a big kiss and passed away confidently holding hands.

“According to their own wish.”

Dutch media reports the euthanasia of Nic and Trees Elderhorst is unique as not many couples with a joint death wish get final authorisation from special euthanasia doctors.

Dick Bosscher of the Dutch Association of Voluntarily Life Ending (NVVE) said: “It is factually a coincidence when both people meet the demands for euthanasia at the same time.

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    • That makes me so sad. It can’t be an easy decision. I hope whoever it’s for goes peacefully. Best wishes to you, Iris.

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