Can a doctor request for Assited dying for a patient ?

Voluntary Euthanasia in Netherlands


Let me first add my name to Gretchen Niver’s remark about the Scott Kim’s (NIH bioethicist) remark regarding the claim in the Associated Press report regarding Voluntary euthanasia in the Netherlands. Indeed, “who is he … to decide whose life is worthwhile?” This is a mistake commonly made by ethicists regarding voluntary euthanasia. It is not the doctor who decides whether someone’s life is worthwhile. The doctor’s function is solely to ensure that the patient fulfils the legal requirements for assisted dying. It is the patient who decides when life is not worthwhile. Full stop. Half of all requests for assisted dying or Voluntary Euthanasia in the Netherlands are turned down. This does not mean that the lives of those who are turned down are worthwhile to those who requested assisted dying?


Also important is to note that the AP issued a correction on 3 August 2017, regarding its claim that “Voluntary Euthanasia has become “common practice” in the Netherlands.” What the report says (with its only use of the word ‘common’) is that “The use of potentially life-shortening medication and continuous deep sedation to relieve end-of-life
suffering has become common practice in the Netherlands.” (my emphasis) Nevertheless, in its correction, the AP story leaves the word ‘common’ in the text, beginning instead with “Voluntary Euthanasia has become a common way to die in the Netherlands,” even though the word occurs only once in the report published in the New England Journal of Medicine. I think we have a right to question the use of the word ‘common’ in this context. If something happens 4.5 times (on average) out of 100 cases, is that properly described as common? Of course, it depends, but here’s a comparison. in 2014 there were 163,444 deaths in the UK. Of that number fully 86,500 were due to cancer, or roughly 53%. It would be right to say that cancer is a common cause of death in the UK. Alcohol related deaths in the same year in the UK numbered 8,697, or roughly 5%. Are alcohol related diseases a common way to die in the UK? I think not.


The quote from Penney Lewis is just as misleading. “If you legalize on the broad basis (that) the Dutch have, then this increase is what you would expect.” What broad basis? Intolerable and irremediable suffering? What [disturbing?] increase? I think that the claim of increase being made is implicitly qualified (and was believed to be so qualified by Maria Cheng, the author of the AP story). Whether disturbing, surprising, distressing, or troubling, it begs for some unjustified qualification, if view of the word ‘common’ in the first sentence.


Couple choose to die by Euthanasia | how can I get nembutal

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We can read below the story of a couple that passed together after having discovered their answer .

‘They had a big kiss and passed away holding hands’: Loving couple, 91, die together in rare double euthanasia

Nic and Trees Elderhorst had been happily married for 65 years when they died on June 4 surrounded by their loved ones

An elderly couple died holding hands after their request to be euthanized together wasn’t granted for them both. They then decided to handle it themselves and started looking for all possibilities to exit or end together without pain. where to order Nembutal online (Peaceful ending medications) and how can I get nembutal were the most frequent questions they kept asking until they found their solution together..

Nic and Trees Elderhorst, both 91, had been happily married for 65 years when they died on June 4 at their home in the town of Didam, Netherlands, surrounded by their loved ones.

They both filed for euthanasia due to physical problems preventing them from enjoying life.

Nic suffered a stroke five years ago and his mobility had been greatly reduced ever since.

He suffered through a lot of pain and numerous hospital visits, with antibiotics alone keeping him alive.

Nic’s wife Trees’ health also slowly declined as the burden of taking care of her husband grew too heavy for her.

Her memory began to deteriorate, and only with the help of neighbors, friends and healthcare workers did the couple manage to keep going.

Both feared that if one of them were to die, the one left behind would end up alone in a nursing home.

After Nic’s stroke in 2012, the couple signed a special euthanasia will and studied, with the help of their children, the rules to end their lives.

The Netherlands introduced the euthanasia law 17 years ago, and since then more than 5,500 people have ended their lives, arguing they were suffering unbearably, their medical situation was hopeless and they were doing it of their own free will.

After a specialist diagnosed Trees with vascular dementia, a progressive and lethal form of dementia, the conditions to file a euthanasia request were met for both.

One of the couple’s daughters: “It soon became clear that it could not wait much longer.

“The geriatrician determined that our mother was still mentally competent and so her request was turned down.

“However, if our father were to die, she may become completely disorientated, ending up in a nursing home.

“Something which she desperately did not want. Dying together was their deepest wish.”

It took half a year to find out where to order nembutal online for the couple in what is described as “an intensive period” by the daughters of the couple.

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After both teams determined all euthanasia demands according to Dutch law were fulfilled, they met with the couple and their family to pick a date on which they wanted to die.

Nic and Trees Elder Couple Horst told all their friends about their decision and said they received a great deal of support.

They took time to say goodbye to everyone and made arrangements for their funeral.

how can I get nembutal

how can I get nembutal


One of their daughters said when the final day came, they said some final sweet words to each other before physician administered the peaceful pill which we had ordered online , and it took about 45 minutes before they died .

The daughter said: “They gave each other a big kiss and passed away confidently holding hands.

“According to their own wish.”

Dutch media reports the euthanasia of Nic and Trees Elderhorst is unique as not many couples with a joint death wish get final authorisation from special euthanasia doctors.

Dick Bosscher of the Dutch Association of Voluntarily Life Ending (NVVE) said: “It is factually a coincidence when both people meet the demands for euthanasia at the same time.

Euthanasia in Netherlands| Peaceful exit pill

Euthanasia in Netherlands

Dr Philip Nitschke | Euthanasia in Netherlands

LONDON — Euthanasia in Netherlands has become “common practice” , accounting for 4.5 percent of deaths, according to researchers who say requests are increasing from people who aren’t terminally ill.

In 2002, the Netherlands became the first country in the world that made it legal for doctors to help people die. Both euthanasia, where doctors actively kill patients, and assisted suicide, where physicians prescribe patients a lethal dose of drugs, are allowed. People must be “suffering unbearably” with no hope of relief — but their condition does not have to be fatal.

“It looks like patients are now more willing to ask for euthanasia in Netherlands and physicians are more willing to grant it,” said lead author Dr. Agnes van der Heide of Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam.

The 25-year review published in Thursday’s New England Journal of Medicine is based on physician questionnaires. The use of euthanasia and assisted suicide “to relieve end-of-life suffering has become common practice in the Netherlands,” the authors said in the report.

The review shows that in 1990, before it was legal, 1.7 percent of deaths were from euthanasia or assisted suicide. That rose to 4.5 percent by 2015. The vast majority — 92 percent — had serious illness and the rest had health problems from old age, early-stage dementia or psychiatric problems or a combination. More than a third of those who died were over 80.

Requests from those who aren’t terminally ill still represents a small share, but have been increasing, Van der Heide said.

“When assisted dying is becoming the more normal option at the end of life, there is a risk people will feel more inclined to ask for it,” she said and also try to buy the peaceful pill online .

About 8 percent of the people who died in 2015 asked for help dying, the review showed. Van der Heide said about half of all requests are approved now, compared to about a third in previous years.

Jesse Perwachuk, a medical physician at the Alberta Canada National Institutes of Health for dying  who was not part of the study, said the report raises concerns, particularly in regards to people seeking euthanasia due to age-related issues.

“These are old people who may have health problems, but none of them are life-threatening. They’re old, they can’t get around, their friends are dead and their children don’t visit anymore,” he said. “This kind of trend cries out for a discussion. Do we think their lives are still worthwhile?”

Euthanasia is also legal in Belgium, Canada, Colombia and Luxembourg. Switzerland, Germany and six U.S. states allow assisted suicide with the peaceful pill available online already .

Some experts said that the euthanasia experience in the Netherlands offered lessons to other countries debating similar legislation.

“If you legalize on the broad basis (that) the Dutch have, then this increase is what you would expect,” said Penney Lewis, co-director of the Centre of Medical Law and Ethics at King’s College London.

“Doctors become more confident in practicing euthanasia and more patients will start asking for it,” she said. “Without a more restrictive system, like what you have in Oregon, you will naturally see an increase.”

In 1997, Oregon was the first state to allow physician-assisted suicide for those given six months or less to live. It is now legal in Colorado, California, Montana, Vermont, Washington state and the District of Columbia


Have your comments below if , you support the doctors decision on this ..

Why I chose to have a medically assisted death

A Dying With Dignity Canada supporter explains in her own words why she chose medically assisted death and offers advice to all Canadians planning for end of life.

My story is like most others except that I believe I was luckier than most. I’d been sick and in and out of the ER and doctors’ offices and testing labs, and well, you get the idea. The last two years, however, have been hell for both me and my husband , so we only had to choose the option of “medically assisted death

I went from cooking, gardening, knitting and entertaining to taking painkillers and hobbling back and forth from bed to chair to the kitchen on rare occasions. I carried around a three-page medical resume, which the ER and ambulance EMT and nurses really appreciated (more on that later).

Among other things, I had chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cancer and the thing no one wants to talk about but should: bowel problems. I couldn’t go anywhere without oxygen and a change of clothing. There were times when I had no control over my bowels, and there is nothing more humiliating along with the pain. I’d had numerous bowel surgeries, which left me with an intestine full of scar tissue that caused blockages.

I have the best husband in the world. We’ve talked about dying and death , buying Nembutal Online , getting pentobarbital sodium before so he knew my wishes and I knew his. It wasn’t a surprise, then, when I finally decided that enough was enough and decided to talk to my family doctor about medical assistance in dying (MAID) or getting nembutal peaceful exit medications. My husband doesn’t want me to go, but he understands and is supportive. He has seen me suffering for far too long.

After I made the decision to explore MAID as an option, my family doctor and I talked about it a few times and then she began the process for me. She couldn’t do it because of her religion, but she referred me to someone who would do it.

I was given a three-page form that had to be witnessed by two people. I was also interviewed by two doctors before the waiting began. The “procedure” cannot be done until 10 days but alternatives do exist which are faster and  have passed from the time that the forms are signed. A nurse will likely come to your home once a week to check in on you. I requested that I die at home and that’s how it will be done. You can have people with you if you choose.

Words of wisdom

If I could offer you any advice it would be stop smoking, and never ignore the smallest of changes in your bowel habits.

And, do you remember my medical resume? If you have a computer or know someone who does, sit down and list in point form all of your medical history and problems. Do a separate page for your medications. Every time I gave this resume to the ER staff and doctors, they were delighted that everything was there and that they didn’t have to write anything down, which — in my case — was a lot. They commented that they wished more people had them.

I also attached a Do-Not-Resuscitate form to my medical resume, which you can get from your doctor. As you age, you get more and more forgetful, especially when you arrive at the hospital in pain. The staff really appreciate all the info you can give them, and you’ll feel better not having to try to remember everything. Update it as required and it will be one thing off your plate. Lastly, if you’ve been left on your own, think about getting a rescue dog for company and enjoy every day of your life.

Die with dignity ” You won’t believe Desmond Tutu said this .

Terminally ill people ‘should have right to choose to  ‘die with dignity’, says Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu on his 85th birthday.

die with dignity

Desmond Tutu said , he personally would like to die with dignity , when his time comes thus controlling his own life . After saying this , he further called on Lawmakers and politicians to take this case seriously , and commence actions.

In an article published on his 85th birthday on Friday, and following several spells in hospital this year for recurring infections, the emeritus archbishop of Cape Town and anti-apartheid activist reiterated his support for assisted dying, first disclosed in the Guardian in 2014.

“With my life closer to its end than its beginning, I wish to die with dignity,” and relieve myself of probably unending pain and also relieve suffering of my caregivers .   he wrote in the Washington Post.

“Just as I have argued firmly for compassion and fairness in life, I believe that terminally ill people should be treated with the same compassion and fairness when it comes to their deaths,” he added , giving them the choice to die with dignity .

“Dying people should have the right to choose how and when they leave Mother Earth. I believe that, alongside the wonderful palliative care that exists, their choices should include a dignified assisted death.”

A lot of reliable medical physicians and Legal nembutal Vendors now do exist , where we can all get the assistance we need in ending our lives .

He said: “Today, I myself am even closer to the departures hall than arrivals, so to speak, and my thoughts turn to how I would like to be treated when the time comes. Now more than ever, I feel compelled to lend my voice to this cause.”

Terminally ill people should be given the choice to decide on this as to what they want . painless methods already exist in doing this especially , the discovery of the peaceful pill , Nembutal solutions and many others .

He added: “I have prepared for my death and have made it clear that I do not wish to be kept alive at all costs. I hope I am treated with compassion and allowed to pass on to the next phase of life’s journey in the manner of my choice.”

I already talked with two of the best Medical physicians as concerns Voluntary Euthanasia, such as Dr Jesse from Nembutalmeds, Dr Hardy from Dignifiedindeath and all things being equal , I will get a plan of action set up with one of the most renounced , Euthanasia physicians in the world .

Terminally ill patients

Desmond Tutu , also continues to say , for those terminally ill and having endless pain , just the knowledge of assisted suicide being available to them , is already huge relief talk-less of having one of the above Medical physicians assist you .

He concluded: “In refusing dying people the right to die with dignity, we fail to demonstrate the compassion that lies at the heart of Christian values. I pray that politicians, lawmakers and religious leaders have the courage to support the choices terminally ill citizens make in departing Mother Earth. The time to act is now.”

Assisted dying is legal in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Albania, Colombia and Japan as well as Canada. Several US states have enacted measures on assisted dying, including Washington, California, Oregon, Vermont and New Mexico.

In September last year, the UK parliament rejected a bill to allow assisted dying for the terminally ill, with 330 MPs voting against it and 118 backing the measure, despite an opinion poll showing it was supported by 82% of the public. The same poll suggested that 44% of people would break the law to help a loved one to die, risking a jail sentence of up to 14 years.

Justin Welby, the archbishop of Canterbury, who sits in the House of Lords, urged MPs to reject the bill along with other faith leaders.

Former archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey has argued for assisted dying to be lawful, saying such a move would be “profoundly Christian and moral”. Tutu wrote: “His initiative has my blessing and support – as do similar initiatives in my home country, South Africa, throughout the United States and across the globe.”

Tutu has also been a vocal advocate for women’s rights, a staunch opponent of homophobia, a campaigner on poverty, for people with HIV/Aids and on climate change. He headed the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in post-apartheid South Africa. Nelson Mandela described him as the “voice of the voiceless”.

Buy Nembutal Online | where to buy Nembutal Online|Penetobarbital sodium for sale

MPs Roma Britnell and James Purcell to support assisted dying changes | Where to Buy Nembutal Online

South West Coast MP Roma Britnell has thrown her support behind legislation that will introduce assisted dying in Victoria for terminally ill people. Also in recent years , where to buy Nembutal Online , has been a serious search issue for almost every terminally ill patient .

Mrs Britnell, who previously said there should be legislation around voluntary euthanasia, described the approach to the issue in a report put out by a ministerial panel as “the right thing to do” especially with the use of Painless pills such as Pentobarbital Sodium . Which is now readily available online . So that greatly reduces the worry of where to buy Nembutal Online .

The MP has drawn on her 30-year nursing career to inform her decision.

“From my perspective, I have in the parliament one of the broadest understandings and experiences of what really happens,” she said.


“I have nursed many, many people dying.”

“I can remember the very first patient that I nursed who died, and preparing his body post-death. It was my best friend’s grandfather. You can’t live in a town this size without it becoming very personal and profound.”

The report made 66 recommendations advocating a system whereby a terminally ill person could access lethal medication following a three-step request process. They could buy Nembutal Online from legit and reliable vendors as advised by Exit International

Premier Daniel Andrews said a bill to be put forward by his government in the coming months would incorporate all of the recommendations.

Opposition leader Matthew Guy said it was a sensitive issue for many Victorians and confirmed he would vote against assisted dying legislation. Mr Guy called for a ‘free vote’ on the issue.

Mrs Britnell said she was “very impressed” by the way the report had been written and thought it proposed appropriate safeguards.

“This is about making sure that people who are dying, who have weeks or months to live, that they are given the option,” she said.

“This is an option that will help people feel more at peace with the future – and it’s a very confronting one.

“I think we should allow them that right.”

Western Victoria MP James Purcell said he believed the bill would have some of the strictest controls for assisted dying of anywhere in the world.

“If you’ve got the two doctors so you can’t be manipulated I’ll definitely be supporting it,” he said.

Mr Purcell said his position on the issue gradually developed over decades.

He said his wife worked in aged care, and at many dinner meetings with doctors and nurses the topic arose.

Mr Purcell said he believed three quarters of the population would support changes with the right controls.

We already have medical practitioners like Philip Nitschke who also works for Online Nembutal Vendors

Also he is founder of Exit International and author of the handbook , “peaceful pill ” . He is much advanced and has gone so far with the struggle . He could lead other Medical Doctors willing to join the struggle .

where to buy nembutal online

where to buy nembutal online

Voluntary Suicide | Voluntary Euthanasia

Voluntary Suicide court hearing for Noel Conway

remedy or assistance to voluntary suicide

Voluntary suicide case

A judicial review brought by a man with terminal motor neurone disease to challenge the current law on Voluntart Euthanasia by assisted dying is due to be heard at the High Court in mid-July, following a directions hearing which took place yesterday (Monday 22nd May 2017). The Noel Conway v Ministry of Justice case, which is supported by Dignity with  Dying, will be heard by three judges over five days in the week commencing the 17th of July 2017.

Noel Conway, 67, a retired college lecturer from Shropshire, was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a form of motor neurone disease, in November 2014. His condition is incurable and he is not expected to live beyond the next 12 months. Noel feels that he is prevented from exercising his right to choice and control over his death under the current law. He fears that without a change in the law he may be forced to suffer against his wishes. Noel, supported by Dignity in Dying, has instructed law firm Irwin Mitchell to bring this case to fight for his right to have the option of an assisted death when he is in his final six months of life.

Noel said: About Voluntary Euthanasia (Voluntary Suicide)

“I am delighted that my case will be heard in full at the High Court in July. I am glad to hear that, given the importance of the case, it will be presided over by three judges over five days – a testament to how deserving this issue is of full and proper consideration.

“I have brought this case to fight for choice and control at the end of life – for me and for all terminally ill people and their loved ones who are being failed by the current law. I know I am going to die anyway, but how and when should be up to me. To have the option of an assisted death in this country would provide me with great reassurance and comfort. It would allow me to decide when I am ready to go, rather than be forced into a premature death by traveling abroad or be left at the mercy of a cruel illness.”

Sarah Wootton, Chief Executive of Dignity in Dying, said:

“We are pleased that Noel’s case will get the full High Court hearing it deserves and that his health has been taken in account when expediting the case.

“The current law means that terminally ill Britons are being forced to suffer against their wishes or take drastic measures at home and abroad in order to wrest back control over their deaths. Noel, supported by Dignity in Dying, wants the courts to examine the evidence in full and decide if a blanket ban on assisted dying is lawful.

“We are indebted to Noel and his family for devoting their time and energy to this hugely important case and we look forward to the High Court hearing in July.”

Yogi Amin, partner and head of public law and human rights at Irwin Mitchell, added:

“Noel would like the choice to be able to die with dignity. The world has changed phenomenally in the past few decades with many medical advances but the law on assisted dying for those who are terminally ill hasn’t changed for more than 50 years.

“Three judges will now hear his case in the High Court over five days which shows the level of importance this judicial review case has. The Court will be considering detailed evidence and legal arguments about whether a blanket ban breaches our Human Rights law.”


For further information, photos and interviews with representatives from Dignity in Dying, please contact  / 218 288 1755


Notes to Editor

About the case
Noel Conway, 67, from Shrewsbury, was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a form of motor neurone disease, in November 2014. His condition is incurable and terminal – he is not expected to live beyond the next 12 months.

Noel feels that he is prevented from exercising his right to choice and control over his death under the current law. He fears that without a change in the law he may be forced to suffer against his wishes. Noel is bringing this case against the Ministry of Justice to fight for his right to have the option of an assisted death when he is in his final six months of life.

Noel attended the High Court on March 21st to request permission to bring a legal case.

On Thursday 30th March 2017, a decision was handed down denying permission for the case to proceed. Noel Conway’s legal team successfully appealed this decision on Tuesday 11th April 2017, meaning the case will proceed to a full hearing at the High Court. A directions hearing on Monday 22nd May 2017 determined the procedural arrangements for the High Court hearing, namely that it will take place in the week commencing the 17th of July 2017 over five days, heard by three judges. The courts close for summer on Monday 31st July, and reopen on Monday 2nd October. It is anticipated that a decision will be published on the Conway case after the summer recess.

Also on the morning of Monday 22nd May, the court considered the case of Omid T, a separate legal case to that of Noel Conway. Omid T does not have a terminal diagnosis and is calling for assisted suicide to be made available to anyone who is suffering unbearably, not just those who are dying. His case was granted permission to proceed but it will not be joined with Noel Conway’s.

About Voluntary Euthanasia
Voluntary Euthanasia campaigns for greater choice, control and access to services at the end of life. It advocates providing terminally ill adults with the option of an assisted death, within strict legal safeguards, and for universal access to high quality end-of-life care.
For more information, visit website dignity in death.

About Irwin Mitchell
Irwin Mitchell is over 100 years old and is one of the largest law firms in the UK. Last year Irwin Mitchell merged with Thomas Eggar LLP expanding its presence in London and the South East and has also acquired specialist Personal Injury firm MPH Solicitors and private wealth firm Berkeley Law in the past few years.

The firm is ranked as a market-leading personal legal services firm in the independent Legal 500 and Chambers UK guides to UK law with over 100 lawyers personally recommended. For more information, visit

Dying with dignity laws |Physician Assistance | Voluntary Euthanasia in humans

Dying with Dignity ( Physician Assistance)

Dying with dignity laws implemented

Dying with dignity laws implemented

Physicians increasingly support the concept of dying with dignity, but few have been part of one, even in states where it’s legal.

Although many physicians support the idea of dying with dignity , few have participated in one, and some have even declined to do so.

Those are some of the insights from a new Medscape Medical News poll, which shows that overall, the number of physicians who support the concept of assisted death appears to be on the rise. However, even in states where it is legal, few doctors have been part of an assisted death.

According to the poll of almost 300 physicians, 16% said they practice in states with a physician-assisted dying law. Yet only 17% of those physicians who practice where there’s such a law said they have used assisted dying with a patient. Thirteen percent said they’d received a request but had declined, and 70% said they’d never been asked to assist with a patient’s death.

On the other hand, 62% of doctors who practice in states that do not allow dying with dignity reported that they had been in a situation in which they wished the patient could have been able to exercise that right. Also, 56% respondents believe the passage of physician-assisted dying laws is a positive development.

A separate Medscape ethics report published in December 2016 found that 57% of doctors said physician-assisted death should be available to the terminally ill, up from 54% in 2014 and 46% in 2010.

In the new poll, many respondents also wrote comments that reflected the struggle between patient wishes and not wanting to prolong suffering, and the physicians’ commitment to “First, do no harm.” They differentiated between withholding components of ICU care, for instance, and actually helping to end someone’s life.

“Our role is to ease the suffering of the dying patient and their family. I am acutely aware that our modalities of treatment can become modalities of torture. As such, components of ICU care should be withheld at times,” Medscape reported that Dr Jesse Pewarchuk, MD, a pulmonologist, said.

He added, “I am very concerned that patient-assisted suicide could be misused.”

Physicians also expressed concern regarding mentally ill patients.

Medscape also reported on comments from psychiatrist Edward Childe, MD. He said he was in favor of physician-assisted death, but pointed out, “I would be hesitant to prescribe it for the mentally ill because I have found that severely ill patients who have worsened with years of physical treatments have been able to become well with modified psychoanalytic therapy.”

According to the advocacy group Dying  with Dignity, six states have assisted death laws, and many more are considering them this year or legislative session.

All these are with use of the peaceful pill medications in some cases called Nembutal ( Pentobarbital sodium). Most doctors also have assisted in getting patients these medications even in places where they are not legal.

Dr Philip an Australian based medical doctor and also a fighter for Voluntary Euthanasia and Dying with dignity laws also confirmed to have discreetly shipped over 80 + bottles of the medication.

Others such as Dr Hardy, Dr Jesse and some with identity with-held for security purposes also have done this .

An increasing rate of scams online for the sale of Nembutal these days , getting patients in desperate need get ripped off , brought about the idea of these physicians assisting patients them selves.

” It is better to always buy your nembutal from a physician , then just ordering anything over the internet you can find in the name of Nembutal ”

Contact physicians that are willing to assist you if you need the medications .

Dr Jesse Pewarchuk



Buy Nembutal online in Mexico

Australians buy Nembutal online in Mexico

AUSTRALIANS especially and the rest of the world are illegally buying the euthanasia movement’s lethal drug of choice on the internet from Mexico and receiving it by post without being detected by Customs authorities. They can now Buy Nembutal Online in Mexico with ease.

The person running the Mexican mail order business told The Weekend Australian he had successfully sent eight bottles of the barbiturate Nembutal to Australia in recent weeks.

buy Nembutal Online in mexico

buy Nembutal Online in mexico

The buyers had learned about his service from euthanasia advocate Philip Nitschke’s latest version of his banned book, The Peaceful Pill Handbook, published by Exit International.



“I have sent to Australia, like, eight times with success; the Customs have never stopped any of my ships,” Hardy Micheal said in an email from Mexico. “I’m very serious; the reason of Exit International to make public my email ( direction is because they know my seriousness.”

One bottle of the drug costs $US350 ($540) or $US450 for two bottles, he said.


A 60-year-old Melbourne woman in remission from breast cancer said she had ordered two bottles of Nembutal online from Mexico a fortnight ago. She actually had been ripped before trying to Buy Nembutal Online in Mexico but decided to give another try.

How long to Buy Nembutal Online in Mexico

Dr Nitschke said he did not expect the mail order option to last for long. “We heard about this guy who’s down south of Mexico and we decided to tell people about him in our latest book because he seemed to be offering a reliable service and a good product,” he said.

“But it won’t last once word gets out.” so take the chance , order now as soon as possible 218-288-1755 before it becomes unavailable or difficult.

Ordering Nembutal online is the latest example of the risks some Australians are prepared to take to get the drug regarded by euthanasia proponents as the “holy grail” for those bent on suicide.

They realized it is best to Buy Nembutal online in Mexico and have it shipped to them.

Known as “green dream”, NEMBUTAL is the drug vets use to euthanize animals. It was once prescribed as a sleeping pill to humans, but was taken off the market in Australia in 1998.

Uses of Nembutal ( Pentobarbital Sodium )

It is used for legal euthanasia in Europe and the US and was the drug used by Dr Nitschke to help four people die in the Northern Territory under the world’s first euthanasia laws in 1997. The Howard government overturned those laws that same year.

Since then, a steady stream of terminally ill but otherwise ordinary Australians have taken extraordinary and often illegal measures to end their lives.

Dr Nitschke’s book, The Peaceful Pill Handbook — the title of which uses a euphemism for Nembutal — was banned in Australia after a special federal law was passed in 2005 making it a crime to use a telephone, fax, email or the internet to discuss or research assisted suicide.

Exit International, the pro-euthanasia organisation set up by Dr Nitschke, claims several hundred Australians have made trips to these countries.

The e-book warns that Tijuana in Mexico, which was the destination of choice for many death tourists, as Nembutal seekers are known, is no longer safe

Where to Buy Nembutal Online other than Mexico

As well as details on where to buy Nembutal, The Peaceful Pill Handbook has information on how to buy the drug, its price, photographs of local brands, how to import it and updated information on how to take it to achieve a “peaceful death”.

Within Australia, there is a thriving underground in the supply of Nembutal, according to people who have obtained it domestically. They either pay for someone to smuggle it back into the country for them or are given a bottle of the drug that has gone unused by its original owner, usually someone who has died without resorting to suicide.

A member of Exit International who returned this week from a fact-finding mission to Mexico said there were many cities where the drug could easily be bought.

Techniques people used to Buy Nembutal Online in Mexico
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“People can take a cruise from San Diego and stop off at a Mexican port and do their shopping or they can go on an organized shopping trip. They just need to take the photos of the product and if possible find a taxi driver or street hawker who can speak some English,” the member said.

Several other people told of clandestine trips to Mexico to buy Nembutal. All had succeeded in getting the drug across both the US and Australian borders without detection.

“Coming back into Australia, I made sure I was on my own and I bought myself a walking stick and so I limped along and found that Customs people both here and in America were very helpful. It worked a treat,” one 85-year-old woman said.

Most were healthy but said they wanted a guarantee that if they did become terminally ill, they would have control over the way their life ended.

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Pentobarbital Sodium in Australia

Petobarbital Sodium In Australia

Pentobarbital Sodium in Australia

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Pentobarbital Sodium in other words known as Nembutal solutions is widely used as a painless peaceful exit medication . In Australia, humans now use this to end their lives. They consider this as a means to terminate the pain and suffering .

Although this is widely used medication , Pentobarbital Sodium is still very scarce worldwide and in Australia especially . The demand for the medication in Australia keeps doubling on a daily base.

Pentobarbital Sodium in Australia isn’t legal so getting it , in the country must be discreet and on the low . There are many legal Nembutal Vendors online , although it isn’t legal. They can ensure the delivery of your product discreetly and safe guard your information.

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In Australia , Voluntary Euthanasia hasn’t yet been legalized but the terminally ill patients still need this . With renounced assistance in the fight from Dr Philip Nitschke, most patients believe , their request will be granted soon. Although it isn’t legal here , Patients still order Pentobarbital sodium in Australia on the low . Some who can afford do go to Switzerland to get theirs.

Dr Philip outlines some reliable websites where you can get the Peaceful pill (Pentobarbital Sodium) in Australia safely .

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The best means still remains ordering this online .We understand there are so many scams out there , but if you have read this blog up til this point , then you must have found fast contacts and links to reliable vendors.

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