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Picking when to die: A right to die , right or a wrong?

Physician-assisted suicide is not going away as an issue in New York state. Nor should it.

The state’s highest court has ruled against terminally ill patients who want to be able to end their lives as comfortably and quickly as possible. Ending one’s own life is thus not legal in this state.

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The argument — hardly a new one — therefore will likely transfer back to the legislature, which has not embraced the notion of doctor-assisted suicide in the past.

This is an issue that should be vigorously debated in the public and get a fair and thorough hearing. Emotions run high on the topic, as proponents on both sides insist they are supported by right and reason.


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Backers of enabled suicide say a person with the grim outlook for a long process of dying — mentally and perhaps even physically painfully — have no choice but to endure it. Some people simply cannot bear the thought of living for months or years with severe disability and beg to be allowed to die with dignity and grace.

They note the fact that it’s legal to take their pets to a veterinarian for a quick, painless euthanasia but not so with themselves.

They ask: What could be a more precious right than to choose whether and when to die?

Those on the other side lean heavily on the tenets of religion for their justification. “Thou shalt not kill” means yourself, as well as others.

They also note that opening the door to doctor-assisted suicide invites regrettable mistakes. Some of the people who choose when to die may not be of sound mind or could have missed opportunities for eventual relief from their miseries.

As it is now, the states of Vermont, Colorado, Washington, California and Oregon and Washington, D.C., have laws allowing a doctor to help an individual end his or her life.

In New York, a patient may choose palliative care only, which means no medical treatment will be given with the aim of cure or healing, but measures will be taken to make that patient as comfortable as possible while awaiting death.

Nevertheless, the pace of death is dictated by nature and not the patient.

That is unacceptable to the group called Compassion & Choices. That organization will lobby the legislature to make members aware of its points in arguing for the legalization of physician-assisted suicide. It seems unlikely that defeat would diminish its effort at eventually winning over enough legislators to claim victory.

As we said, passions are extreme on both sides of this one, mirroring perhaps the argument over abortion.

On the matter of physician-assisted suicide, a spirited public debate is the only way to reach any kind of conclusion.

Minds will not change easily, if at all. The majority should rule.





Dr Jesse


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